MBD South Africa
Global MBD Africa Publishing
Global MBD Africa Publishing is the South African Division of the MBD Group, India’s largest education service provider. The head office, based in Cape Town, serves as the base for the entire African continent. With a truly South African team on board we offer 360-degree education solutions under one roof. We address every aspect of education: Foundation Phase (Grades R–3), Intermediate Phase (Grades 4–6), Senior Phase (Grades 7–9) and FET (Grades 10–12), offering a wide variety of Learner Textbooks, Teacher Guides, Study Guides, Workbooks, Interactive Digital Content, Content Development, Educational Tablets and much more!

NYTRA can be downloaded free of cost on Android (version 4 and above) and iOS devices. Once the NYTRA app is downloaded, a user needs to open the app and hover the camera over the image marked with NYTRA logo on the textbook.

An augmented reality app, NYTRA is an indigenously developed app by MBD, which brings textbooks to life. It is an app that animates images and illustrations in a book, with a voiceover for better understanding of the ideas and concepts. The app also includes digital content, videos and animations published in books and works on Android and iOS-based mobile devices that require minimum Internet connectivity.