MBD South Africa
Global MBD Africa Publishing
Global MBD Africa Publishing is the South African Division of the MBD Group, India’s largest education service provider. The head office, based in Cape Town, serves as the base for the entire African continent. With a truly South African team on board we offer 360-degree education solutions under one roof. We address every aspect of education: Foundation Phase (Grades R–3), Intermediate Phase (Grades 4–6), Senior Phase (Grades 7–9) and FET (Grades 10–12), offering a wide variety of Learner Textbooks, Teacher Guides, Study Guides, Workbooks, Interactive Digital Content, Content Development, Educational Tablets and much more!


Manpower Training in Publication

As one of Asia’s largest publishing houses with strict compliance to all global certifications, MBD has mentored and offered consultation services to many domestic and international publication houses. We have enabled these publishing houses to follow the ISO Processes and Six Sigma Quality parameters to become more professional, productive and reliable. We also have efficient in-house administrators, who can support any publishing house and train its manpower in accordance with global standards to perform and become a profitable unit through quality and swift output.

Skill Training for Teachers & Students

Over the past five decades, MBD has been supporting education and its pillars, students and teachers, in excelling at their performances in learning and teaching. This has been made possible by our informed approaches as well as modules, courseware and lesson plans that are packed with virtual and real-life examples. We believe in assisting both students and teachers to transform education and guiding them to follow new paths in innovation. To date, we have trained over 2,500,000 students and 300,000 teachers.

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